I'm trying to run a migration in D1 Database │ ERROR 9009: SQL prepare error: not authorized [code: 7500] │

I’m getting an error when I try to run my migrations
I have this file:

PRAGMA journal_mode = MEMORY;
PRAGMA synchronous = OFF;
PRAGMA foreign_keys = OFF;
PRAGMA ignore_check_constraints = OFF;
PRAGMA auto_vacuum = NONE;
PRAGMA secure_delete = OFF;

create table users
id                 char(36)          not null
primary key,
name               TEXT      not null,
email              TEXT      not null,
email_verified_at  timestamp         null,
password           TEXT      not null,
is_admin           tinyint default 0 not null,
remember_token     TEXT      null,
created_at         timestamp         null,
updated_at         timestamp         null,
constraint users_email_unique
unique (email)
create index users_is_admin_index
on users (is_admin);
PRAGMA ignore_check_constraints = ON;
PRAGMA foreign_keys = ON;
PRAGMA journal_mode = WAL;
PRAGMA synchronous = NORMAL;

but I’m getting this error:
│ ERROR 9009: SQL prepare error: not authorized [code: 7500] │

What should I do?

This sql file works on sqlite3.