I'm trying to find my Nameserver but am only getting outdated DNS Records

To start with, I’m new to Cloudflare and am doing some work to help out the business owner. I’m not sure of the current hosting provider for the website (neither does the owner, they can’t remember who they went through…) and am unsure of the methods available to figure this out. I’ve read documentation on this but it’s still rather dubious as to the pathway I should take in solving this issue. I’ve looked up methods to do this and have reviewed other forums including cloudflare but all those I have reviewed have led me back to the DNS records for the cloudflare site, all of which, as previously stated, are out of date.

Please assist, I’d greatly appreciate it.

P.S. Go easy on me, I’m still learning!

Do you, or the person you refer to as the business owner have access to the Cloudflare account the domain has been attached to?

It could sound like you may no longer have access to this?

Sometimes, you can follow the paper trail.

Who are you sending money to, for the hosting?

The way you explain this part, it sounds like the above (determining who hosted your website) becomes irrelevant, and that the below one might eventually be more relevant?

If the domain has been set up on a previous employee’s personal Cloudflare account, but that you still have access to the registrar (where you have registered the domain name), you would be losing all current settings, but still have a potential way of re-gaining access the domain, by moving it to your own (or the business owner’s own) account, or even a dedicated account for the business, that you both could be invited to.

The alternative way of moving the domain to another account can be seen here:

To recover account(s), you have the following options:

If the above, e.g. regaining access to the account holding your domain isn’t what you are actually looking for, can you please elaborate more specific at which exact steps you’re struggling?

The account I’m referring to is this one. Indeed I do.

We’re unsure of this as the records for this info go back 2 years. The inbox has 160,000 outstanding unread messages (yes, really. Trying to clean it up myself). I have no solid idea of who it might be, but out of the few it could be, none are a business that has a login to view this, nor is there any applicable information regarding DNS, hosting etc.

Keep in mind, I’m unaware of a lot of background for this and have a fairly scarce history in I.T. considering, so I might be missing something.

Somewhat, I know who used to host the website but that company is long gone and any used after that seem irrelevant as the DNS records are for past services, so not really that useful anymore. I did trace all of the IP addresses using Lookup services and they led to 2 businesses we had prior business with, though not any longer. It’s pretty much safe to say our I.T. management history is lackluster.

No previous account used for Cloudflare services and I’m not sure about the DNS records, still trawling through the email (filtering, rather) so for now I’ll say we don’t.

To clarify as best as I can with my rudimentary knowledge; the overarching goal of what I’m trying to do is find the website files currently hosted for the business’ website (e.g. index, styles, etc.) and potentially edit if necessary. Further to that point, I want to find what business we currently have hosting our website.

The “step” I’m struggling with, if it is one, is finding a way to link from cloudflare to the service, or even an IP address I can follow that isn’t outdated (what I was trying to do with the DNS history). If it isn’t possible to do with Cloudflare, let me know a starting point I can follow otherwise.

I know this is an insane issue but it’s the predicament I’m in currently so, yeah! If there’s more specificity you’re looking for, let me know.

Can you share your domain and a screenshot of the records and assigned nameservers in your Cloudflare DNS dashboard? That would probably speed this up and avoid any confusion.


Thanks for the assistance :slight_smile:

This doesn’t show your assigned nameservers. If they are paloma and sid, then the IP addresses you have hidden in your screenshot are not outdated.

By looking up the owner of those ip addresses, you would find your host.

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