I'm redirecting my old URL on Namecheap to a new domain name on Namecheap

Hi, I followed your instructions on creating page redirects using the following two resources:


Have successfully created a forwarding URL and checked that DNS settings from where I’m redirecting are correct too, my new URL gives me the error “this site can’t be reached”.

I have an orange cloud showing against “@” (Type A) for my old URL.
Similarly, the orange cloud is shown against “www” (CNAME) for my old URL.

On reaching Namecheap support they’ve asked me to update nameservers to Cloudflare’s which I did for my new domain.

Please see the attached screenshots and let me know what I might be doing wrong?


Thank you for asking.

When I check, and visit the writinggoodcopy.com → it redirects me to the usamansari.com → which then says the webpage cannot be displayed and domain “usamansari.com” throws an error / does not work.

Do you manage/control usamansari.com? If so, the error is at that website and not at your writinggoodcopy.com.

Yes, I own the new domain.

What are you asking me to do again for the new one? As mentioned, I’ve pointed the nameservers for it in Namecheap to Cloudflare’s.


When I check now, it’s working normally. Can you confirm?

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