Im recieving the worst support and i am right now looking into legal options

as a paying customer, the least i expect is to talk to a human being not a stupid dead BOT. but i have been screaming my lungs out trying to contact support to get help nothing happened!
i even contacted the sales line truing to get anyone to speak to and unfortunately nothing is happening.

at that moment i cant access my account at all and i had to create a new business account just to talk to support.

i have another account where i have all my business domains and i cant login at all to be able to send a request support. i tried initiating a support request through the email that got refused as they do not take support requests from emails anymore.
now i have no where to go.
im not receiving any response to support tickets from my new business accounts.
i tried using login help or the process to reset my 2fa and i dont recieve anything from Clourflare.
im not sure what this means.
im not going to pay another month of this unholy treatment while i am recieving no help or support.
can anyone here please tell me what is going on?
btw i have all the Cloudflare adreses whitl listed and still im not recieving any confirmation or verfication link on my Hotmail aadress which is the one is use with the account in question

There’s nothing anyone here can do to help you with that. You would need to do account recovery in order to gain access to your account. They have these in place for security reasons to ensure not anyone can just gain access to other people’s accounts.

Also have you filled out this form?:

i tried everything and when i start the account recovery process i do not recieve any confirmation email.
i have whitelisted all the emails coming from Cloudflare. and nothing is working, i dont know what or how to handle this anymore.
i mean how can i do anything if even the emails are not coming in

It sounds like you might not have the correct email possibly, not sure.

Using the form shared above, it might be worth asking if someone could check the email suppression list to see if your email is on it.

No one is responding to anything I say and there is like zero way to contact support to ask them anything

I don’t know how quickly you are expecting a response, but on all plans, you can expect it to take from hours to days. Response times are detailed in this support article.

While I understand your frustration, I encourage you to exercise patience. The community does not have access to your account. Have you created an account issue from the dashboard of your new account? If you have done so, you could provide the ticket number here for possible escalation.

ive been struggling with these issues for 3 weeks now sir. i am usually a patient paerson but i am not losing money daily, and i raised these two tickets today after my frustration reached a pinnacle
2691621, 2691619

Thanks for sharing those ticket numbers. One ticket is sufficient. Opening more than one slows down support for everyone by creating extra work. I will pass along your ticket numbers with an escalation request.

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The email indicated on your ticket was opted out of receiving emails, I have cleared that. The email was already verified can you go through the password recovery process again and let us know here if you are successful?

(I’ve made a note for the team to review this in to prevent it from happening in the future, sorry for the issues)


Sir my problem is not with the password at all its with the loss of my 2fa after my phone crashed

Ah, understood, this article outlines the options if you don’t have the backup codes stored Issues with two-factor authentication?

That much I did sir.

,ultiple times through weeks and not a single thing has happened.

Hence me trying here.

As we speak im engaged with someone called Daniel from support he asked me to reply to the ticket from the email I want to have access to. So when I did that I kept getting automatic errors and I forwarded all to him. Basically what the fine gentleman asked me to do did not work

I still am not receiving much on the email I need restored. I think it is still blocked or opted out some how

I really am glad finally someone is helping out. I really appreciate your effort.
But I think the email is still opted out

I spoke with my colleague and they just sent you a verification for your 2FA and confirmed they removed your address from the suppression list. Please confirm with them on 2691621 when you receive the 2FA verification


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