I'm out of easy fixes:

if anyone can help me, I’ll promise to be Your cf friend (4life).
I’m currently learning the structure of cf, I’ve been toiling now since August last year ('20). during that time period , many frustrated mistakes and good natured, worrisome and overly cautious regrets- I abandoned several accounts in their early phases of development. The Accounts were all locked -out permanently due to two factor authentication (lost the particular ‘secrets’ generator- unfortunate android disk wipe X2).
I’m trying to continue cf networking , losing the privilege is a nighhtmare im not going to allow. there are two sets of webpages, each with different domains tied to them.
I need a clean slate, may I please get help getting started?

several accounts in their early phases of development. The Account have now won’t accept the web pages /domains b/c they are already in use (!) could you imagine such an explanation?
i need this resolved to advance in ranking. it’s my number one problem, and it won’t go away.
thank you.

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Hi @j.s.d.killoughh,

Can you clarify exactly what you want to achieve? Do you want to try and regain access to those accounts (can be tricky) or are you just trying to start from scratch and get them working in a new accont? If it’s the new account, what is the message/issue you are getting when trying to add them?

Also, is the registrar of these domains Cloudflare or a separate registrar?

You need to reach out to cloudflare, they will ask you to upload certain files to verify that you are in fact the owner of the website.
If you pass those tests, you will receive domain ownership in your new cloudflare account.

Oh my, I am sorry for that pain and waste of your time. There are people and resources here to help, the #LearningCenter is a good place to start. I looked into your account and see the attempts you mention. Currently you have two zones pending a name server update in the account you are using here. That name server update step that you need to take with your registrar is a necessary first step to getting started. Give them the two name server names shown at the bottom of your DNS app and have them add them to your domain and remove any other name servers. (And maybe don’t enable 2FA just yet, to side-step that issue. If & when you do enable 2FA, make sure to keep the backup codes in a safe place.)

You should also review the #tutorials link above on getting started. (Actually, review all of them as they’re really helpful!). If you encounter an issue, there is usually a #CommunityTip that will answer your questions.

Have you updated your name servers with your domain registrar?


thank you for your excellent supervisory.

I would be very happy if the previous accounts were closed, maybe you didn’t have to eliminate the one I’ve stayed over in, but I don’t mind starting completely over again, I’m a big fan of what you’re offering!

please delete previous accounts:

new account (please ignore):

please contact me anytime for more information please.


Hi @j.s.d.killoughh thank you for the note. I’ll use this reply to announce a feature, new about one hour ago, so not yet in our Tips (I will do that soon, however!)

The account deletion process is now fully automated. Follow a link at the bottom of your profile page to initiate deletion. We ask for your email (to confirm the account), your password (to confirm your identity), and that you enter the word “delete” (to confirm your intent), and a captcha (to confirm you’re human). This is brand new, so let us know how it works.

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