I'm on CF Business with Urgent ticket ignored for 14 days

I opened a chat with an inexperienced tech 14 days ago - the tech didn’t even know the difference between ICMP & TCP/IP and was recommending I do traceroutes for some reason. I requested an escalation of the issue since the origin couldn’t be reached. He created a Request for me, marked as P1 - urgent . 14 days ago. With 0 updates since then.

I wrote to our sales rep who promised to nudge support then he stopped replying as well.

We stopped proxying the website 14 days ago and are still waiting for any answer.

So ‘Business Plan’ supposedly has 100% SLA - not in our experience, and support is really bad. We have to open a community thread because support can’t be bothered to do their job.

Can someone finally have a look at the issue we opened ?

Were you as snarky to the support agent in your comms and so light on any actionable details as well? I can’t imagine why your ticket wasn’t moved right to the top of the queue.

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Yeah I was after he was making me do useless tests and he clearly lacked the tech skills to help me out.

And I bet you would be as snarky if you were ignored for 14 days after seeing signs everywhere saying “Upgrade to Business to get 100% SLA and chat/ticket support”.

As far as light on details, I gave him everything he needed to do his job with tools and tests that only CF can perform from the problematic DC. We spend 750$/month with CF, and while it may be peanuts to them, I do expect quality and timely answers, if we are to remain as customers and/or bring even more business to them.

Community members do not have access to customers’ account info or tickets, so if you’re seeking help from the community but you don’t share details of your problem with the community, I’m not sure how we can help.

That’s all @cscharff is saying.

I understand your frustration – and I’ve seen people who pay exactly $0 per month share their support frustration in stronger language. But you really need to focus on getting your problem resolved.

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You can’t help. It’s a CF can’t contact origin issue caused by DC issues of some sort. Specifically the Moscow DC which has gone down and was marked as ‘re-routed’ a few times in the past few weeks.

This post isn’t to get help from here.

This post is to warn others about that blue label which says to upgrade to Business to get 100% SLA and chat/ticket support. In my experience, it’s not worth it.

It’s also to maybe get the attention of a CF employee that can finally get the ball rolling

Any ticket number(s) you can share?



Sure pal.

lol… have you never been married then? Sit down junior.

But if you didn’t… what Cloudflare tech is going to prioritize reaching back out with questions to an abusive douchebag?

And if what the tech asked was for you to do a traceroute from the server itself as part of troubleshooting… based on what little detail you provided, that is a necessary next step to troubleshooting many DC to origin issues. So :clap::clap::clap:

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Since I have in the past supported an anycast network we will just have to agree to disagree I suppose.

lol… it almost certainly is.

Time, skill… tomato, :tomato:

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Yeah, since you supported unicast then you know that me doing any traceroute to CF ip from NA when the issue is in Moscow provides 0 evidence.

Is there somewhere a list of the actual DC ips that we can traceroute against ?

Is there a tool in the dashboard to simulate an origin connect from any CF DC ?

Indeed there is. A Cloudflare support representative might have provided one during troubleshooting to test from the server in question during the troubleshooting phase given the opportunity to run through their documented troubleshooting steps. Even if the support rep didn’t understand why they were asking a particular question and documenting the results, that list of details is required to be passed on to a network engineer for troubleshooting. An anycast network with complicated peering and BGP routing such as Cloudflare’s can often have subtle challenges up/downstream which are difficult to reproduce without the cooperation of the reporting party.

Tools exist for the support representatives to perform a variety of tests from the Cloudflare edge in specific datacenters. However with challenges like asymetric routing, it becomes significantly more complicated because issues can exist on the return path where troubleshooting requires a party on the target network to provide data (such as a traceroute).

You could certainly offer to provide a traceroute from your origin server to an IP in the DC in question in the ticket as a next step. A support engineer is unlikely to have access to a ‘fix it’ button so gathering information for the teams which might need to further debug and make changes is why they have checklists.


I know, I know, I know.

The tech’s answer however was for me to take his traceroute which showed us blocking the last hop, to our upstream provider and have them troubleshoot. Pure nonsense.

That’s when my tone changed to snarky and asked to be escalated.

Again, 14 days ago.

I see your ticket and will flag it for my colleagues.

@george39 while we appreciate your frustration, but we don’t tolerate abusive language. Your ticket was not ignored, opened & replied to on the 29th and dormant waiting on a reply with the requested details until your reply from last week.

Which requested details ?

The last entry was mine asking for an update

the entry before that was still me saying precisely this: please open a ticket for this, and escalate

so what exactly were you guys waiting for from me ?

I have issued a response to your ticket 3121905. Please when you have a moment check that response out . Take care!

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