I'm not being able to use https after buy Cloudflare Cert to my Wix hosting site

Hi, I have biught a Cloudflare Dedicate Cert to my site www.mindsec.com.br that is hoted at Wix hosting. I have wait almost 24hs but it is not working , even I use https://mindsec.com.br it goes to http. I try to enforce using “Always use HTTPS” but when activate this option my site do not load anymore , i got the msg: " This page isn’t working www.mindsec.com.br redirected you too many times. * Try clearing your cookies

I cleaned all my cookies and try with two diferent browser Chrome and Edge, both are not working .

Can somebody help me ?

Your server redirects to HTTP (which is the reason you get the redirect loop when you force it). You need to remove that redirect from your server and you should be fine.

how can I check that?

Unfortunately unless something has recently chaned i’m not sure you’re able to use Cloudflare with Wix: https://support.cloudflare.com/hc/en-us/articles/115000350252-Using-Cloudflare-with-Wix-Website-Builder

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