I'm not a robot

I am trying to find out if under the free version of Cloudflare, if there is a way to do a human verification or “I’m not a robot” before anyone has access to my site? Also, what is it called?

You can start by setting your security level to “I’m Under Attack” and leaving it there. That’ll require all visitors to pass some kind of challenge although for most human visitors it’ll be a non-interactive challenge due to magic AI stuff. Good bots like GoogleBot should be automatically exempted.

If that’s not good enough you can set a WAF rule so that all visitors are hit with one of several options (managed challenge, JS challenge, legacy Captcha) although you could lock out good bots if you do that.

Traffic must be proxied through Cloudflare (orange clouded) for these options to work


Thanks, for the help. :slight_smile:

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