Im new here need help with determining if cloud flair can speed up my site

So just a little about me I have no experience in this field but I do have a programmer working on my site.

the current issue is the speed at which profiles are opening up at is slow I have a dating web site with over 6 million testing profiles with pics
after reading info at cloud flair it seems there service would speed things up considerably

my first question is the dedicated server is in Germany would anything at cloud flair speed up this process of opening up profiles with pictures as noted From programmer this issue is the number one thing causing it to be slow

Cloudflare can help, but the most common problem on slow websites is the server itself, and Cloudflare can’t help much with that if it’s a highly interactive (dynamic) site.

It would help to see a waterfall view of a page load. What’s the domain?

Thanks also im located in the Bay area California and the server is in Germany, dont mind the current site issues were still working on it…

That’s actually looking pretty good as far as the front page is concerned. And you already have SSL, so you’re all set for Full (Strict) SSL encryption here.

Most of what loads looks like static content, and the page HTML is pretty lightweight. There is a bit of a slowdown to load your site across the Atlantic, but there are some workarounds that can speed that up for some users.

Cloudflare can definitely ease the load on your server. And the free plan is hard to say no to.

I should have mentioned you would see the slow profile opening when signed in if you could create a account and tell me what you think, also I see a change in speed through out the day thanks

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