Im new and asking for a bit of help please

I created a cname in godaddy before moving to cloudflare, however the name is wrong, how can I delete this please?

Many thanks

You can click the Edit button and then delete it. Or that Edit button will let you update the name.

thank you for replying, the thing is I cant find the one that I created as its not in the list. IBut when I try to create it, it says that it already exists, but it’s not in the view.
How do you see all of the dns files?
Thank you!

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It might be giving you that error because there’s another record with the same name. If you post a picture of your entire DNS list (it’s ok to block out IP addresses), we can help.

I created one (which is wrong) in godaddy before I moved here, but I cant see it to delete it

You already have a ‘www’ record that you will need to delete before you can add that new one.

thank you!!

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Hi any help greatly appreciated!!
My website not loading since moving dns to cloudflare, I am not sure why, please can anyone help? many thanks

Your site loads for me through Cloudflare:

And passes a global test as well:

phew, thank you, not sure what happened but yes its all running fine now, thanks!!!

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I use to monitor my sites. It’s free and does a great job of letting me know if the site isn’t responding.

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Hey, I’m having some difficulty trying to set up these recordsScreenshot 2020-05-25 at 23.47.01

I’ve entered these, have I don’t this incorrectly?

any help greatly appreciated

Thank you

It’s working. I’m not entirely sure why it needs three IP addresses. Maybe for redundancy, but that’s a lot of redundancy.

Thank you!!!

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