I'm migrating my host need to chnage my cloudflare ssl certificate?

I’m migrating my site minutodaseguranca.blog.br to another host, I already set all DNS values, but https is not working. Do I need to change my ssl certificate? How to do that?

Your A record is set to :grey: in the DNS tab of your Cloudflare dashboard. Your A record should be set to :orange:

I set to orange and it show a list of folders from my old host

For the SSL to work, it needs to be set to :orange:, can you set it to that so we can see what is happening please?

Your first host probably had SSL for your site. Does your new host have SSL set up for your domain?

I set but it is not working… if you enter https://minutodaseguranca.blog.br it has NET::ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID if you change to http: it works fine.
Just to remember, I move my site to another host provider… do it has impact on my Cloudflare SSL ?

Works for me.

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It does have two broken images trying to load from another site:

this is an alternative URL create by my host when I migrate… I will see that …
In regards to SSL… seesm to be instable to me… I tried from different computer and browser, some time load sometimes not… strange… I will see those pictures and change it to make sure that it has no influence.

I run a query on my DB to change all url to the new one, can you check if you see any different now?

You can check for broken images in your browser’s Dev Tools section, as shown in my screenshot.

I changed all the pictures pointed to old site… now is not showed any at least on from page… but I still unable to activate my HTTPS … I’m receiving a msg:
Internal Server Error
UID of script “/home/httpd/html/index.php” is smaller than min_uid
suPHP 0.7.2

I’m using the following setup:
SSL Flexible - but I tested with flwxible, full and off the result is all the same
Always HTTPS ON - bit with off has the same result
Authenticated Origin Pulls OFF - but with ON has the same result
Automatic HTTPS Rewrites OFF - but with ON has the same result

I don’t know what else I can do to enable my HTTPS connection.
Help please!

It’s all working fine for me now.

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I found a set on my hosts file point to my host server instead of Cloudflare… I take it out and runs ok ! :slight_smile:
Thanks you for all information I got here today.
Have a great day
Regards and can close the ticket


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