I'm just wondering why certain domain types aren't available to register (for example .car))

I’ve switched all of my domain purchasing over to Cloudflare = great prices but I’ve noticed that some of the wackier (but legit) domain name types aren’t available to purchase on Cloudflare but are available on Namecheap. I can purchase them there and transfer to Cloudflare (after 2 months) but I was just wondering why that is.
So for example my test name: gehsrefd.auto or gehsrefd.car are for sale on namecheap but don’t even show up on Cloudflare.

First post, sorry if you hate it.

Cloudflare is working on supporting more TLDs. They can only add new ones after working with the domain registry, i.e. the company that own .car. Some are probably easier to work with than others.


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Ok, that makes sense. Thanks for the quick reply!

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