I'm in Toronto, why is my traffic routing through Chicago?

I’m located in Toronto, yet my traffic is not going through the Cloudflare servers in Toronto instead it routing through chicago. Any ideas as to what the named ns1 ns2 servers are for Toronto?

My ISP’s router is located approx 100 feet away from the main trunk where the toronto Cloudflare server is located, on The Eastern Seaboards main access trunk running through this part of the Country.

Give this a try and see where other Cloudflare sites are routed:

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Did Cloudflare setup any ns1 ns2 named servers in Toronto is really my question, or is that server just mirror of the chicago one? And if that’s the case I’m dropping my account as I don’t want my traffic under Scrutiny from the NSA because it crosses the border.

Cloudflare uses the Anycast network, so all services they offer are available at the nearest datacenter, as routed by your ISP.

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