I'm in a pickle; already have my cloudflare SSL but now need to get hosting

I have a domain registered with 1and1 and I used a frame redirect to point it to my Ecwid online store. I also changed the nameservers to Cloudflare’s to get a free SSL certificate for the domain. this worked perfectly as I had SSL, my online store on my domain and had no hosting fees to pay.

Unfortunately I realised that 1and1’s frame redirect makes the site unresponsive, so viewing it on mobile was very awkward. I want to fix this but keep my Cloudflare SSL certificate.

I’m looking for a workaround to this problem. I’ve read that there is a way to potentially forward the domain responsively but to keep the URL the same. A longer workaround is to buy hosting and make my own website to embed my store on to, but I think this would involve changing the nameservers away from Cloudflare and potentially losing my SSL certificate.

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