I'm having issues with Cloudflare on Wordpress but I don't have my website registered with Cloudflare

I signed up a year ago with GoDaddy as my website’s hosting provider, but WHOIS is showing Cloudflare London as my hosting provider. I am unaware of any switch as I have only worked through GoDaddy for my website needs. A GoDaddy developer asked me to disable Cloudflare temporarily. However, when I log into Cloudflare, my website is not listed or registered with the service. GoDaddy cannot move forward with fixing issues on my site until Cloudflare is disabled. I don’t know what to do since I don’t have the option to disable it.

What are my options? I tried to call Cloudflare to figure out how they became my hosting provider without my knowledge but the recording pushes back to using the online options, which are limited to me.

What is the name of the site?

Cloudflare does not host site, exceptions apply with Cloudflare Pages but not here.

If you site has cf nameservers that usually indicates the site was added by someone, you just need to figure out by whom in order to gain access.

That is not an option that will produce results, you’re most likely reaching a sales line, not Support. Phone support is an option on our Enterprise plans.

I’ll share some links that may help with recovery, but if you cannot figure out who added your site, you’ll have no options other than to change the nameservers to the two in the account you are using here that you can access and change the nameservers at the domain registrar.

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Well, I’m not sure what to say about that because if you search WHOIS hosting thestylishdragon com it shows Cloudflare London as the hosting provider. This is confusing to me since I signed up with GoDaddy as my hosting provider.

I do not have Cloudflare nameservers. I am the only one that works on my site, so I would be the only one to add it and I know that I did not.

thestylishdragon com

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I see that as well and am investigating. I suspect it’s some confusion with the IP ownership.

But, a whois lookup on the IP shows, IP WHOIS Lookup
it’s a godaddy IP
Screenshot 2023-04-21 at 3.53.37 PM

Yes, thank you, I see that and I see the site has never been active on cloudflare.

There is nothing to disable as the site is not using cloudflare, the developer should be good to go with whatever changes they need to make.

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What can I do about that?