I'm getting Google Crawler Errors


My sitemap. It’s throwing an error “Sitemap could not be read - General HTTP error”

my all sites


Hello Sir/Madam

after installing SSL when I submeet Sitemap in google search console

its shows me error : General HTTP error

can you please help me out ?

Google says errror while adding sitemap so when will you help me out ?

I’m not getting solution very bad customer support


You are on the community forums, the people here are other customers who volunteer to help others. Please wait until a volunteer who can help you does. Repeatedly opening new topics certainly makes me far less likely to help and they will just be merged.

Thank you for your patience.


Hi @kohinoorbarfi and thanks again for your patience.

Looking at the two domains you have shared and assuming you use the standard sitemap format of /sitemap.xml, on one, Yoast redirects to /sitemap_index.html


the other returns a 404 which is probably not Cloudflare related but needs to be fixed on your server.


Neither of these things look like they are related to Cloudflare to me. Maybe someone else here can spot something.


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