I'm getting Google Crawler Errors. What should I do?



At google webmaster tool crawl fetch as google some of pages got response temporarily unavailable or partial.

At Partial page assets not loading.
Here is attached one of partial page http response

Can you please help me to solve this problem.


Hello Team,

Can you please provide more information to me about above issue, how to fix it.


We are experiencing a very similar problem.

When you fetch a page as Google - it sometimes gets temporarily unreachable or even redirects to itself.
However, if you try to do it again - it gets fetched normally.

Redirects to itself: 24|690x266 .

List of urls with problems:

Even then page gets fetched correctly, there are still some problems with loading assets:

My thoughts are: We have 3 domain names: www, s3 and api linked via Cloudflare with caching enabled.
All of them are different web servers and s3 is definitely available since it’s just a file storage.

Since the problem is appearing time to time and Cloudflare is the only common among these three servers I would say that the problem is somewhere in Cloudflare.

I may try to temporarily disable Cloudflare to confirm it.


Sorry, Discourse doesn’t allow me to send more than one image at the time.

Redirect to itself:


Problems with loading assets from our sub-domains:


I am also getting similar google crawl issues to my website

I have contacted my hosting provider, but of no use.

Please help me in resolving the issue.
It is giving 522 error in my google web master tools. And Fetch as google tool in my google web master tool is saying, “Temporarily Unreachable”.

Best Regards,Ravi


Still waiting for reply from Cloudflare team.


Have you opened a Support ticket? You can do this, login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support.


Base on server logs, I can also see that Google crawler is requesting a page and the server respond correctly


Yes, I’ve contacted them and left a link to this discussion.


Yep, google tools are pretty wonky. All of my sites do this intermittently - not just those on CloudFlare.


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