I'm getting Error 524 for a particular website

I have been trying to use a website I browse regularly called gbatemp.net.

Just two days ago I’ve been experiencing many big slowdowns and occasional Cloudflare Error 524 errors. What’s kind of weird is if I refresh a few times any page would load, and then after one or two clicks again it would go back to loading forever, and then the 524 error sometimes. Then goes back to working when clicking on a page again and the cycle continues.

I was given the IP to modify my hosts file to connect to their site directly for testing, and with it no such issues occurred and everything loaded up fine. So I can only assume it must be a Cloudflare error (even though 524 says it is the host). Not to mention the other millions of other users of that site have been using it just fine, it’s just me.

What I did notice though is that if I hop onto my phone and use mobile data, the site works just fine (no hosts modification), so could it be my ISP?

What can I do to test and figure out the issue? The issue is definitely linked to Cloudflare but I don’t know what’s causing it. And if it’s not obvious, I’m not the owner of the site or anything, just a user. I don’t know where else to get help so here I am. Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

May I ask have you checked within the below articles?:


Yes I have checked those articles, but I’m the end user not the owner of the website so I can’t do anything. The owners tried contacting Cloudflare support but they were not helpful, so posting here is my only hope of fixing this.

Today I was trying to watch some videos from a website and I found out that also is having severe loading issues, the videos are from Cloudflare as well. So it seems that this is for most Cloudflare services and whatever server is responsible for my location.

I am providing two HAR files which are for these two websites, perhaps someone can help please?

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