I'm getting Error 521 Web Server down

Hi guys

I moved my dns from one clould flare account to the other cloud flare account. Clould flare informed me yesterday that the dns was moved successfully, and I started getting this error message :

Error 521 Web Server down

I’m hosting my site on DigitalOcean .

How can I fix this issue? Please help.

Try pause Cloudflare, wait for few minutes, and see whether you can access your site?


I solved the issue by changing SSL option to Flexible instead of FULL

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Although Flexible mode works, it is not recommended to use Flexible as a long term solution - since your connection is not fully secure anyway (traffic between Cloudflare and your server is not encrypted). This will give users a false sense of security.

My suggestion is, get Cloudflare Origin Certificate installed in your server, then switch SSL mode to Full (strict) mode. It’s free.

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