I'm getting Error 520 and need help!


I’m the owner of the domain noisylabs.com and I keep experiencing error 520 every time the throbber comes up. Although I can still access the site, the error comes up whenever I go on a different page in my dashboard.

To fix it, I have tried:

  1. De-activating all plug-ins and activating one by one
  2. Contacted hosting support who said the problem is on Cloudflare’s end
  3. Contacted Cloudflare who only gave me automated responses
  4. Created a page rule to cache everything & use “Edge Cache TTL” every month
  5. Delete all the spam comments
  6. Deleted a random file that my hosting support technician said could help
  7. When I pause Cloudflare I experience less error 520s but my plugins like Yoast don’t properly function

I really don’t know what to do. I ran through the list of problems that Cloudflare recommends you ask your hosting support, but when I did, the hosting support technician said everything on that list looked fine. So it looks like my server is fine overall. I don’t know what else to do.

Please help!

You’ve certainly been thorough.

You mean from the Overview page? And you still get errors? Pause Cloudflare completely bypasses Cloudflare and this indicates a server error. To me, this sounds like some sort of PHP error that should show up in logs. It sounds like you’re using WordPress, so you can enable WordPress debugging and look through that error log.



Thanks for the help!

I contacted support last night and they told me I maxed out my resources.

They suggested to upgrade my hosting and get Wordpress developer help. We shall see what happens.

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