I'm getting an error saying "Error: We cannot process this request as we suspect it was automated. Contact support for more information."

trying to add a new domain to my Cloudflare tunnel

searched and someone suggested updating and trying with the latest version of chrome, didn’t help. normally i’m using firefox… same error

Have you tried on a different device? I.E a mobile phone.

Admittedly I’ve never had this error before but previous discussions about it seem to indicate it’s a browser/device issue as opposed to a block or flag on your account.

i removed a records from root and www then it worked… i think it was on the Cloudflare’s side? since i did it with the same device&browser.

@mcp dear, i have the same problem like yours. Could you please explain “i removed a records from root and www then it worked” in detail? Thanks a lot.

I’m getting the same error as well

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