I'm getting a SPAM notice from our contact form

We are getting a SPAM alert when we receive emails from our contact us form on our website. I contacted Hostgator because that’s where our domain is hosted but they said the form is going through cloudfare first and then to our website.

Is there a way to get rid of the spam notification? We need to make sure all emails from the contact form make it to our inbox.

That is somewhat true, but the emails are nonetheless sent by your server and your server must send them in a way that they are getting flagged when they arrive. That is not a Cloudflare related issue and you’d best take that to StackExchange and alike.

What could be missing is some email related DNS entries (SPF, DMARC, DKIM, etc.) but this still something you need to clarify with your host or on a related forum I am afraid.

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