I'm Free Account. How to delete Website?

i’ve created one website.
and I dont’ know, acctually. I can’t add free a new website again. :slight_smile:

how to delete my site icon in my dashboard? I decide to add a new website.


You can have as many free websites as you want. Don’t see the issue here, unless this wan’t the problem.

I find just only one website for free.
the next website, I should choose paid plan.

correct me if I’m wrong thanks

You can select the free plan while adding the site in the plan options. I think it preselects the Pro version, but you are free to change it to whatever you want, free obviously included.

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Yes I got it.

how about if I want to delete website from dashboard?


You can delete a website by going to the domain overview -> clicking “advanced” on the status widget, then clicking “delete”.

I think it’s a different process if you set it up with a hosting provider. you might have to delete it though them.

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