I'm confused about nginx setup file-to edit or not to edit

I’ve enabled the Cloudflare "always use https and set it to flexible.

Surprisingly (to me) everything works phenomenally (way easier than last year’s attempt at doing things with certificates and all).

But since I’m marginally retarded my normal inclination is to mess with stuff to see if I can fix something LOL.

Here’s what my nginx default file looks like (but I’m wondering if I should change something…maybe a port or to eliminate one of the server_names):

Server {
listen 80;
root /usr/www/;
index index.html;
server_name stupid.com www.stupid.com;
location / {

Should I be concerned with adding 443 as the default? Should I get rid of the 80? Should I eliminate one of the formats (i.e. stupid.com www.stupid.com)? Will pot be legalized in ohio soon?

Thanks for any advice you might avail.
p.s. That’s NOT my real website (don’t go there)
And finally, I received this in the logs (which received a 200 error code! It appears to be Cloudflare but I couldn’t find anything about it on the net): “Get /?xxnew2018_url2-x&xxnew2018_url1=x HTTP/1.1”

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You may want to read Deprecated - Why flexible SSL mode is not the best choice

Which are unfortunately required for a secure site.

If using Flexible, your site is requested over HTTP from your server which is insecure and should be fixed, but if using Flexible, I should still use port 80.

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