I'm changing ISPs, what does the Community recommend?

I’m new to Cloudflare changing/upgrading my ISP, what does the Community recommend?

I’m sure the consensus is: “It depends.” It helps to know what type of site you host and how much traffic it gets.

For a VPS, I like Vultr and Digital Ocean. This is for more technical users.

For shared hosting, I like DreamHost. This is more managed for “set and forget” users.

I’m just looking for my static portfolio site. I also use add/remove sub-domains, as-needed, for testing, and development. I think VPS is a bit spendy for what I do at the moment.
Have you experienced any significant downtime issues with DreamHost, lately?

I haven’t used DreamHost in several years, but website reliability back then was very good.

One available option I’d personally use in your situation is Vultr’s Plesk one-click app on a $5/month plan. The Web Admin SE Plesk option is free and lets you set up three domains (and a bunch of subdomains). It’s a little less techy than a vanilla VPS, but it’s $5/month for a solid setup. $6/month if you include automated full-server backups.

That’s not very spendy for a VPS. Managed hosting is already $5-$10 per month.

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Wow! Thank you! I truly didn’t think VPS was available at that price point. I will definitely use this.

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How is the Cloudflare support?

Cloudflare and web hosting are generally two separate operations. Get the site set up, then layer Cloudflare on top of it.

I only ask because some providers Partner with Cloudflare to streamline the process. My DNS are already pointed to Cloudflare, from GoDaddy, my current ISP. I made CF my registrar, so, hopefully, the switch will be fairly painless?!

I assume I will need to rename the DNS on vultr, again, correct?

Bah…I don’t care for the Partner approach. Go direct and avoid the middleman.

No need to hit Vultr DNS. Vultr will give you an IP address that you’ll need to update in your Cloudflare DNS for that domain.

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Okay, I’m already stuck…
Startup Script
SSH Keys
Server Hostname & Label

I assume the Startup Script and SSH are optional? What is appropriate for Hostname /Label?
I’ve never [obviously] managed a server before.

Ignore Startup Script.

SSH Keys is handy, but only if you’ve done it before. You can skip this (and add it later when ready)

Server Hostname (your domain, example.com)
Label (DOMAIN…or something catchy. Doesn’t really matter)

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Any suggestions on server OS? I was CentOS familiar about 4-years ago. Plesk is Ubuntu, though.

For Plesk, you don’t have a choice. And Plesk handles the dirty work for you, so the underlying OS doesn’t matter that much.

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I’ve deployed the server and Plesk is installed. I did have to destroy the initial server, though, because Plesk wasn’t deployed. Will spend some time acclimating myself to the new environment before moving my sites over. I have until 20.02.2019, plenty of time!

Thank you, again for all of your help!


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I highly, highly recommend Cloudways.com.

You can choose your cloud host (digitalocean, google, aws, vultr etc) and they set up the server and provide support / managment for a good price.

You pay a little bit extra but it saves a lot of time over using other cloud services and they upgrade everything to keep you secure.

There have been a couple of occasions where some of my more complex setups required real root access to the server and i had to use do direct (cloudways gives you restricted access) but overall i highly recommend

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Thank you @sdayman and @ryan15 for your input,
Here’s my current stack:
Cloudflare: Registrar
Vultr/Plesk: Host
/* Cloudflare: Static CDN */
Cloudinary: Image CDN
website: patrickjcook.com

After fully cancelling my previous hosting, I’m receiving an Error 1016 (below).
Since migrating my domain(s) to vultr [hosting] and Cloudflare [registrar], I have, also, executed the Servershield app (Cloudflare) under Plesk. Although, it occurs to me, that this will probably not provide Server Cachiing!

Okay… one issue at a time: Can you assist me in resolving my DNS issues, or, direct me to a straightforward article?


Have you read his about the error?

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Thank you, Ryan.

No problem. I just realised that if you sign up through this link they will give you $15 credit though you probably have already. https://vrlps.co/66ejhJ9/cp

Wasnt the reason why i made the original recommendation I just noticed this in my account when I logged into my account

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