I'm blocked from visiting my own site

I can’t reach my own site, for [Philadelphia Hypnotherapy Clinic]. Getting error screen " Sorry, you have been blocked. You are unable to access {site name}"

That doesn’t sound like a Cloudflare error, could you please show us what it looks like? You will likely have to contact your host about this

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Cloudflare Ray ID: 7defceaedaec18b4

Oh, my bad, that definitely is a Cloudflare error. Log into the Cloudflare Dash for your site, and have a look under “Events” in the “Security” section, scroll down and you should see an activity log of Firewall events. From this activity log you should be able to find the event that is you being blocked. My guess is you (or someone with access to your settings) has added a WAF rule to block you based on some filter

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Thanks. I’ll try. No one from my team could create the rule. I’ll get back to you to let you know the progress. Thanks.

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This is what I found. This is the only rule that caused a


What should I do on this page? Thanks

If I were you I would temporarily toggle that rule to off. That should let you back into your site. Then next I would try to understand why your IP address is on that Sharkgate threat database… your best bet would be to contact Sharkgate

You could also add another WAF rule that explicitly allows access from your IP address, put that rule at the top and it should be evaluated first, allowing you access


Thank you. All done. Fixed. Great help


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