I'm blocked from browsing some websites!

I used to browse some website daily, but yesterday when I tried to open (industry.gov.iq) and its branch websites, a message appeared; (I’m blocked from reaching this site)!, I don’t know why!, Please help, Thank you

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While visiting a site protected by Cloudflare, error 1020 “Access denied (Error: 1020)” indicates you’ve violated a Firewall Rule. When this happens, you’ll see the error “Access Denied (Error: 1020)” and your request was blocked by the filter based Firewall rule on the site. If you’re the site owner, you can find the requests that was blocked by the Firewall on the Firewall page under the Events menu. See this CommunityTip for suggestions to avoid this error,

Thank you for your reply and support, I’m not the site owner, and don’t know what and how I violated a Firewall Rule, just accessing multi sites by Firefox (open multi tabs at the same time - about 50 tabs) as usual work every day, it is one of my job tasks to access certain websites searching for tenders.
I emailed the Internet Provider and waiting for their reply.
Please, could you let me what can I do now to solve this problem?
Thank you very much.

Only the site owner can help you. That is who sets the policies, not Cloudflare. Unless the site that has blocked your connection is the internet provider, it is unlikely that they can assist either.

The text on the block page reccomends that you email the site owner. This is what I saw when I tried the site from multiple locations.

The problem occurred when I visited a certain site that I daily visit it, after that I discovered that about 100 websites I can’t access them! So, I can’t contact which one and instead I emailed the internet service provider company and waiting for their reply.
Thank you very much for your support.

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