I'm billed in advanced by Cloudflare and for several times this month!

I have been billed in advanced by Cloudflare. I only have 1 website and I was billed for 3 times this month!

I’m thinking of cancelling my subscription here. Too much expenses for me to avail with these service that I think doesn’t really help a small website which I own.

Are you sure you were actually charged? I see sometimes some duplicated invoices due to some issues they are having with the billing system and its upgrades.

I would suggest go here (https://dash.cloudflare.com/redirect?account=support), create a ticket and see what they tell you. Maybe put here the ticket number so that @cloonan can take a look and maybe bump it up to the right group of people. There may be a bit of a delay on billing issues due to the mentioned issues they are having.

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