I'm adding my root domain website, but I can't

Hello there, I’m just adding my first website that I created it on WordPress. So I need to add my website into Cloudflare. But when I’m adding my website that end with .art.blog the server said to me that I’m adding the wrong one like I’m adding subdomain and domain BUT I didn’t. I’m just my whole domain without subdomain. If you don’t believe me type my site to your URL form: pixelized.art.blog If you had noticed that there are something wrong that didn’t relate to me just contact Cloudflare support for further assist. And YES I cannot add it into Cloudflare server for protect my reader or viewer.
P.S. I don’t know for how to fix this, I’m just end-user.

Sorry, but “blog” is a standalone TLD run by Automattic (WordPress). Whoever created the “art.blog” site is “subletting” that TLD to subdomains.

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