I'm about to change my hosting (first time since i use cloudflare registrar)

Hello there.

Previously I used Godaddy for my domains and so i knew how to change hosting and update nameservers. Currently I’ve migrated my domain to Cloudflare registrar and now i’m going to change my current hosting.

What and how I need to update in my DNS/nameservers settings?

Sincerely yours,

Hi @emarkr,

Because you use Cloudflare Registrar, you can’t hange the nameservers. Nor would you want to, if you want to keep using Cloudflare.

You need to go to the DNS section of your Cloudflare dashboard and add/edit/delete them so they match those required by your new host. In simple setups, this is commonly just changing the IP address in a couple of A records.


Thank you.

I’ve updated main A record with new IP, currently i have “too many redirect” error. Is it some temporary problem or I mess something up?

This is likely because the SSL settings on your old and new origin servers are different.

What is your SSL mode? If it is Flexible, change it to Full. Does that resolve the issue?


Thank you very much, this was the problem. Now all ok.

That’s good. It would be better to set Full (Strict). Do you know if the cert on your origin is a “valid” certificate, such as Let’s Encrypt?