I'm able to redirect the domain on pcs' but not on mobile

I’m able to redirect the domain on pcs’ but not on mobile. Trying this for 2-3 days but not working.

But when opened in mobile itself in desktop mode it’s working. This is too confusing as well as annoying simultaneously!

Below I’ve attached SS!

Hi @user6544 sorry to know that you’re having difficulties.
Do you have a different version of the site for desktop and mobile, or are you using responsive design principle?
If you wish to redirect users using mobile devices to a different version or your site, you can use our Mobile Redirect feature: Understanding Cloudflare Mobile Redirect – Cloudflare Help Center
Let us know if this fits your use case!

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Hi there,

Just following up here if you managed to follow the recommendation from my colleague and if all is working for you now.

I will go ahead and close off this thread now but please don’t hesitate to get back in touch if you need any further assistance.