I'm a Russian hacker and I still DON'T know it!

Every time I try to access the “AI Dungeon” website this event occurs. The question is, a few quick searches and it was clear to me that the occasion stems from an attempt to protect the site from me?

I’m just trying to play AI Dungeon, what would be the resolution for this?

I imagine AI Dungeon has to deal with a lot of abuse given the lucrativeness of free GPT-2 or cheap GPT-3 text generation, so they have security measures in place to prevent people from using the service automatically (costing them excess money) or for a host of other reasons, maybe even legal (eg. if this form of AI is illegal in a country, they might block that country from accessing the site - but I don’t know if that’s even the case).

CF themselves aren’t the ones that configure these blocks, the site owner Latitude does, so the only way you could get this solved is by asking them to unblock you. Be sure to give them that Ray ID listed there.

If you want to try one thing immediately, make sure you’re not using a VPN or proxy - these are commonly blocked as abuse prevention since it’s easy for abusers to rotate IPs and get around blocks.

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