I'm a newbie and stuck - 1016 error code issue

I’ll clear my cookies then reload the site, see if that fixes the issue on my end

Nope, I just cleared cookies from like 644 sites and STILL THE SAME ERROR!

I did the same and still am getting the error message.

DNS_PROBE_FINSHED_NXDOMAIN are you getting that?

I’m still getting the exact same one I listed earlier.

What browser are you using? I’m using google chrome

Chrome - on both my smartphone and PC - no issue on my PC, smartphone I keep getting this error code.

Well, other than the DNS_PROBE_FINSHED_NXDOMAIN error on my PC, no problem!

May I ask if you have tried restarting your router too?

Are we still talking about _domainconnect which you do not browse with your Web browser?

Or your website https://edwilliamspics.com/?

Can’t, enterprise managed network

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@elwiii May I ask if you have resolved your issue?

I do not see error 1016 appearing anymore. Main domain loads and website is working fine from my end.

Regarding _domainconnect record, either leave it on :grey: cloud (DNS only) or delete it.


I’m still getting it on my smartphone, not on my pad or PC. I’m wondering if it isn’t some issue with Chrome. I’ve tried clearing the cache but so far I am still getting the error. It’s basically telling me my site can’t be reached and is directing from my website to a site (_domainconnect.edwilliamspics.com) that doesn’t exist.

I totally deleted the domainconnect record.

Any suggestions or advice will be appreciated. I’m glad the site is up and running properly, but this phone thing is frustrating as I use it most of the time. my PC is just for pic editing.


You should not be accessing the _domainconnect.edwilliamspics.com via your Web browser. Already stated in previous replies.

What phone? What error do you see on your phone device?

If you cannot access your Website over phone, please try clearing your Web browser cache on the phone and try again if it works.

ooo interesting, I can reproduce if I use a mobile user-agent:

Well, well, well…take a look at this setting in Speed/Optimization:

That explains the issue. You can either turn it off or adjust the path to the mobile-friendly version of your site.

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Bless you!

I am migrating my website over here soon as I can. Ten times more help available.

Thanks again!

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