I'm a newbie and stuck - 1016 error code issue

What do you mean?

Common causes for Error 1016 are:

  • A missing DNS A record that mentions origin IP address.
  • A CNAME record in the Cloudflare DNS points to an unresolvable external domain.
  • The origin host names (CNAMEs) in your Cloudflare Load Balancer default, region, and fallback pools are unresolvable. Use a fallback pool configured with an origin IP as a backup in case all other pools are unavailable.
  • When creating a Spectrum app with a CNAME origin, you need first to create a CNAME on the Cloudflare DNS side that points to the origin. Please see Spectrum CNAME origins for more details

Maybe I’m just misinterpreting, but the site stats show in the last 24 hours I have 78 unique IP visitors but only 70 page views - or am I misinterpreting that, I’m so “less than knowledgeable” regarding technical issues.

Well, I don’t get the 1016 error. So maybe it’s something with your browser or a subdomain, could you attach the link (without modifying it) that is giving the 1016 error as based on the first screenshot, it seems to be certain part of the site


This comes up on the devices its not connecting with.

I have tested and do not see any error.

Where did you checked the stats?
The unique visitor can generate one or more pageview, while having adblock or “hard privacy no tracking” the pageview should not count in, I think - if using Google Analytics for example.
Or, maybe the bot or crawler was also there in between, so it could count unique IP visitor, but not a pageview as bot does not understand JavaScript.
Other thing is the requests per visitor/pageview which differs a lot (100 requests per webpage/pageview can be done or more).

That DNS record seems to be from IONOS or some similar hosting/domain provider.
If you have that DNS record at your Cloudflare dashboard, make sure it is :grey: cloud (DNS only), not :orange: cloud.

Below are the suggested steps regarding the 1016 error if it still happens:

Is there a good reason to use https://_domainconnect.edwilliamspics.com? If I access that URL specifically, I can see the Error 1016.

However, going straight to your root domain works fine https://edwilliamspics.com.

I recommend clearing cache/cookies on the device just in case there’s something stored on the browser for that URL with the error.


Will try - thanks!

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It is the domain connect protocol, an open standard that automatically connects one domain and an external website to other website services.

IONOS and GoDaddy adds them, while it is a good practice to keep them on :grey: cloud (DNS only). I believe it has to be something when a domain is purchased by them and to some way of easier connect between their services like web hosting, e-mail, etc. they do offer.

They are not meant to be browsed via Web browser :wink:

Should I just delete that CNAME record?

Rather keep it, as already stated on :grey: cloud in case you would use some other service by the same hosting/domain provider later.

Anything new @elwiii?

I changed the “domainconnect” CName to “DNS only.”

And what happened?

As of right now, nothing - still can’t pull it up on my phone and a friend who was having the same issue is still unable to access the page.


Does it take awhile to propagate, or do changes like these reflect instantly?

I’ll clear my cookies then reload the site, see if that fixes the issue on my end

Nope, I just cleared cookies from like 644 sites and STILL THE SAME ERROR!