IIS 403 - Forbidden: Access is denied with sub app when Proxied

On my IIS I have a root site lets say mydomain.com and a sub directory that it is an IIS app.
If I am using “Proxied” in DNS I am able to access mydomain.com but when trying to access mydomain.com/mysubapp I am receiving the error: “403 - Forbidden: Access is denied : You do not have permission to view this directory or page using the credentials that you supplied.”
If I remove Proxied all is working without any errors.

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May I ask if you are currently using some kind of IP address allowlist on your application? If that’s true, be aware that the app will only receive connections from Cloudflare’s IP addresses when enabling proxy mode.

You could use the CF-Connecting-IP header, which gives the user’s IP address instead of Cloudflare’s.

Hope it helps!

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I have created a sub domain and moved all files to it from the sub folder.
So now everything is working.


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