Ignoring specific HTML elements to cache

Couldn’t find a solid answer, and more just want to know if it’s possible on any of the Cloudflare plans (currently on the Pro plan)

On the site’s homepage, we have the “Login/Join” link. When a user logs in, this should change to “Logout”, but with Cloudflare caching, it just servers whatever is cached. Is it possible to ignore certain elements like this?

What you are looking for is not possible on the pro plan.

You have however the following options:

  • Switching to the Enterprise plan. Enterprise plans have access to bypass the cache on cookies.
  • Writing a worker that will switch out the dynamic elements. If you have any knowledge about Javascript, it should be fairly easy with all the recipes and examples available out there.
  • -or simply disable the cache everything rule.

Thanks for the answer, that’s great. Just need to let the client know on possible options!

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