Ignoring dmca laws!

Cloudflare protects all the sites that steal content from me and from many others by hiding their ip addresses and host. When I and others submit legal dmca notices through Cloudflare, Cloudflare does nothing, there is 0 follow up; it’s a scam. These criminal sites are making money from my content and from the content of many others, and cloudflare is making money from these criminal sites. Cloudflare makes millions from the sale and distribution of stolen property! And cloudfare, again, protects the criminals so cloudflares income keeps coming in.
Unless cloudflare refuses to do business with sites that ignore legal dmca notices, how is cloudflare not in violation of dmca laws? Knowingly doing business with dmca violators and taking their money while protecting them is what?

Honestly, too much text to provide little to no helpful information.

Cloudflare forwards all DMCA requests that it receives. Cloudflare does not interfere with DMCAs because what’s hosted on the other side of their proxy is none of their business unless it’s a major legal problem, such as terrorism or explicitly illegal content.

If you genuinely believe Cloudflare is the one breaking the law, feel free to share your case with a buffet of lawyers; I’m sure they will be more than happy to sue a multi-million dollar company that is breaking the law as blatantly as you make it seem.

Either way, this is not something the community can help you with.

I advise checking out some of the content that Cloudflare has posted in the past addresses the cases you describe.


so it has to be “really really illegal” LOL! You are criminals! The laws will catch up to you! Just as laws caught up to those selling stolen goods from pawn shops 100 years ago.

Yes, there are many lawsuits against you now but given you are backed by the biggest criminals in the world, Google, etc… this may take some time, lol.

what does this mean? You admit cloudflare is taking money from sites that ignore legal dmca notices, right? You know this means your company is profiting from illegal behavior, profiting from stolen property. Add that to the simple fact your company protects these criminals by hiding their ip address and host, makes this very clear, Cloudflare is a criminal entity.

First off, you need to stop seeing things in your perspective, and look at things from a much wider perspective. Cloudflare is a service for managing routes to and from websites, they don’t host the actual content. Piracy websites should be punished for their crimes, not Cloudflare for protecting their services.

When a drug trafficking ring smuggles drugs by truck across the country, you punish the ring, not the local government for paving the road for the truck to travel on.

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It is you seeing things only from the perspective of the criminal. You ignore my clear points.

You take money from those you know to be criminals, and for that money, you protect these criminals, masking their identities. If state workers knowingly protect drug traffickers and take money for that protection, they are breaking the laws.

This is like talking to a criminal who is making every excuse for his crimes.

Cloudflare is a web infrastructure company. If you really think that they are responsible, then you might as well try and sue your internet provider while you’re at it. Best of luck proving that in a court

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This is like talking to people in an insane asylum. My internet provider does not take money from websites and in exchange hide the ip address and host of the site which is known by all to be a criminal site.

Your internet provider makes you pay for routing your connections to the internet. Cloudflare charges the site’s owners for routing their services through to the internet. There’s nothing illegal in that.

DMCA requests should be sent to the hosting provider, but since Cloudflare hides who that is, they will forward your DMCA request onto the hosting provider. Cloudflare also say that they can release that report to other services like the Lumen Database, but it’s not their job, nor is it your right to demand it, and they may do that out of courtesy.

If they don’t comply, you can try and fight it with legal action, but judging about your little knowledge about the topic, and an obvious refusal to listen, I’d doubt you’d get anywhere.

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I believe this was addressed in a recent lawsuit :slightly_smiling_face:


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