Ignore script Rocket Loader


When i put the Rocket Loader on i have some problems with one of our websites. The images takes a little bit more time to load and also you see that a part of the site jump inside your screen. When i test a couple of scripts it looks that i find the problem. So i want to exclude this script for the Rocket Loader.

When i add the data-cfasync=“false” the completely script doesn’t work anymore on the website. See below the standard script.

So when i put the data-cfasync=“false” the whole script is not working anymore.

So what i do wrong?

<script src="{{ 'jquery-1-9-1.js' | url_core }}"></script>
<script data-cfasync=“false”  src="{{ 'jquery-1-9-1.js' | url_core }}"></script>

If that’s the actual code, it looks like you’re using Smart Quotes for false instead of the plain quotes you have for src=

Mistake by my side for this post…

<script data-cfasync="false" src="{{ 'jquery-1-9-1.js' | url_core }}"></script>

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