Ignore proxy for specific port

i have an application that connect to my domain.com:9647 for rabbitmq amqp
but after proxy my domain then cannot connected what should i do?

Cloudflare only proxies HTTP/S traffic over a limited set of ports that does not include 9647. That hostname would have to be set to :grey: DNS Only.

please tell me how to set?

Click the same button where you just proxied the subdomain. The button will change from :orange: to :grey:.

where can i find orange button sorry i`m new in cloudflare?

sorry i found it.

please guide me i want proxy mydomain.com except mydomain.com:9647 how can i do it?
i use 9647 port for rabbitmq amqp protocol client connection.

You cannot have example.com:443 pass through Cloudflares network but have example.com:9647 go directly to your origin. That’s not how the Internet works.

There are lots of ways to solving this problem. The easiest is to create a separate hostname (such as rmq.example.com) for this, and set it to :grey: on the DNS tab of the dashboard.

i set rmq.example.com with a record?
i added with A record but show warning icon with message (the record expose ip behind example.com)

If you don’t or cannot proxy the record, you have to expose the IP.

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