Ignore device location fields when pushing to third party tool

I’m using the HTTP events API to push events. I noticed that automatically device location fields are collected (region, city, etc). I don’t want to push these fields to a third party tool. How can I prevent that? I did saw the setting “Context Enricher Worker” but isn’t there an easier way of doing this? Because a separate worker probably means that it will impact costs?

Last question, how are fields like city and region automatically collected?

You can just craft the payload yourself if you disable “enrich payload” and add just the fields you’re interested in.

Location data is based on IP.

Thanks! Where can I find that setting? “enrich payload”

Sorry, I think I misread your original message. The fact that Zaraz is collecting some data doesn’t mean it’s sending it to all third-parties. This is the data that is available for Zaraz. In fact I cannot think of anytool that collects location information (some do collect the IP address and therefore can probably figure this out. You can disable that under Zaraz → Settings → Privacy)

I don’t see any settings related to location information?

Just to be clear, I set up the integration with Mixpanel and there I see location information appear (city, region, country). I don’t see any IP address in Mixpanel. I don’t want to collect location information from the user.

Zaraz isn’t sending the location to Mixpanel. It is sending the IP address (mixpanel/src/index.ts at main · managed-components/mixpanel · GitHub). You can use “Trim IP addresses” to not send the exact IP address to Mixpanel (they will still show some location, but it will be less accurate). Or you can use the Context Enricher if you want manually set the IP address to whatever else.

Alright, thanks!

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