Ignore Cloudflare Cache Help

My server doesn’t clear cache how can i ignore Cloudflare cache, connecting directly to my website?

Greetings, thank you for asking.

Kindly, navigate to the Caching → Configuration:

  1. Make sure Caching Level is set to “Standard”
  2. Make sure Browser Cache TTL is set to “Respect Existing Headers”

Otherwise, navigate to the Page Rules tab.

  1. Click on “Create Page Rule”
  2. Enter domain.com/* or any other specific URL path
  3. Select Cache Level: Bypass
  4. Save the Page Rule and make sure it’s 1st from above on the list of Page Rules

Nevertheless, the other way is to set and serve cache headers from your origin host/server and therefore using a Page Rule you select Origin Cache Control:On.

Upon changes make sure to clear cache at Cloudflare as follows:

  1. Caching tab → Configuration → click on the button “Purge Everything”.

You could share a link here with us so we could also re-check, if so.



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