Iframe PDF?

Hi. Using the HTML template to iframe a YouTube video. But can’t iframe a PDF. Anyone have any success doing just that? Can you shed some light on how to do this? Thanks!

That does not sound like a Cloudflare feature. Have you tried a more appropriate forum that specializes in HTML coding?

Well, you can Iframe other things which apparently are “Cloudflare features”. So I was asking why some things will Iframe and others will not in Cloudflare including PDFs.

That’s a great question. I can’t seem to Iframe a .pdf either. Has anyone had any luck in doing so?

Embedding PDFs on Cloudflare works just fine

That’s not Iframing a pdf is it? I see it as and iframe of another worker site. Am I wrong?

Of course that is exactly what it says. Please check out the source code before making wrong assumptions. No offence, but @sdayman’s explanation is spot on and and OP’s question is neither clear nor seemingly correct.

OK, let’s restart this. As a newb i get lost quick. I want to embed an Iframe of a .pdf. How do I do it? As was stated before by someone else they can Iframe a video as well as I can but not a .pdf.

As sdayman already stated, that is not a topic for the forum here. You need to ask this on an HTML related forum. The link does show that example however.

I don’t have a problem with the html, I have a problem here with the workers site. I can Iframe wherever html is allowed. I just haven’t been able to iframe a pdf here. Can a pdf be iframed in a Workers Sites?

Why shouldnt it?

Dude, Really? That’s why I’m asking. I haven’t been able to do it here. Can you show me how then?

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