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Hello. I was having a similar problem. In the footer of my sites, an iframe was being inserted and when I turned off Cloudflare it disappeared. I went to safe and turned off bot fighting mode and that was resolved. I was ruining the footer of my sites, because there was a white horizontal line. However, by disabling this setting, will the site no longer be vulnerable to bot visits?

Hi @juliocesarmachado135 yes, sorry for this issue. The engineering team is working on addressing this and I will drop an update when I have it.

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I had the exact same issue across several sites. I had Elementor support look at it the Cloudways without luck. I did some digging in the Frame and saw it calls a script called invisible.js which led to the discovery that Bot Fight Mode seems to load this frame and white space after footer all of a sudden. Disabled it and issue is gone.

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Thanks. I’m waiting

I also use Elementor on some websites. Glad we were able to resolve the issue. I think that an impaired layout hinders the site’s perception of credibility.

Just wanted to mention that we’re also seeing a double scrolling effect (on windows10/edge; not mac/chrome) on our react app because the Bot Fight Mode adds a separate tag inside the body and iframe and it’s added at the same level. As a result we have scrolling by body level and inside our application. It happens because of extra 20px added by iframe.

Turning off “JavaScript Dections” (on Cloudflare Pro) removes the doublescrolling but also disables this goodness of Cloudflare.

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