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Not finding what I am in need of.

I have a client whose site includes iFrame, the link within that is not https, what I need to know is if I get that type of link from the originator of the link, will it render? or is there a way I can give this link permission to show up within Cloudflare?

I did a search and did read the mixed use content, makes no sense to me, in regards to this issue.

Thank you.

If that iframe can load over HTTPS (that is…their server supports HTTPS), then you can force HTTPS by adding this line in your .htaccess file:
Header always set Content-Security-Policy: upgrade-insecure-requests

Thank you, but I am still not getting this to work with the host. Checked with them, it won’t work. :blush:

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Thank you

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I do not know what that last bit was about, alert the sender? mmmm

Thank you.

When you reply by email, your company email adds that disclaimer footer. Since you replied to my message, but it got publicly posted, Sandro was compelled to alert you to the leak. He’s funny that way. :rofl:

Regarding the solution, did you add that line of code to your .htaccess file?


I mostly was a je** who couldnt resist to point out signature-bloat containing the usual meaningless legal-sounding phrases :wink:

90% of that response was “signature”. Believe me, I did count it :roll_eyes: :smile:

That guy in September really started a thing, didnt he? :wink:

As for the problem at hand, if you can post the URL in question it would make things easier.


Don’t care. It was my email response. And my clients do care. I got the problem fixed.

I did not ask for commentary on my email signature line.

How to make friends 101 :wink:


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