If you turn off proxying for a subdomain, will it still work for a while?

When you turn off proxing for a subdomain, the name servers will immediately start returning the original address(es) for the subdomain.
However, it will take 5 minutes or more, due to caching at DNS resolvers and browsers, before everyone knows about it.

Will my website on that subdomain still keep working via the proxy for a while, until the whole world knows about the DNS change?

Yes, the CF proxy will continue to operate - I’ve even seen it work for days after the proxy was disabled.

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I did a quick /etc/hosts test and that seems to confirm that.
(I fact, I accidentally used a subdomain for that which didn’t have proxying turned on in the first place. It still worked via the proxy. So it looks like the proxy working might be totally independent of proxying being enabled in DNS.)

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