If you have a internet problem after connecting to Warp+


When the TCP MSS option in the modem settings is less than 1400, some sites cannot be opened while connected to Warp+.

I also came to the conclusion that for some users when using Warp+ in WireGuard there is a problem of not opening sites.
To solve this problem, they have to manually set the value MTU = 1412 in the WireGuard settings.

Of course, these two things are different:
Problem with TCP MSS option value in modem
Problem with TCP MTU Option value in WireGuard

So if someone can not access the Internet after connecting to Warp+, they can change the MTU / MSS value according to the above description.

So you may be wondering why you should change the MTU / MSS value?!
This article answers your question:

  • I still can’t figure out why Warp+ has trouble changing the MTU / MSS value!
  • Does anyone have a similar experience in this regard?

After a few days, is there no comment on this?

my MTU 1272 + 28 = 1300
Normally, MSS is equal to MTU minus 40
my MSS 1260.
After saving these settings in the modem, Warp can’t open some sites
For example, YouTube or SpeedTest