If you can't open the website using 4G or 5G

I’m in the Sydney area of Australia and the server is in Hong Kong.
I usually use cloudflare’s CDN service for web acceleration and it has been working well for a couple of years.

But about 4 days ago there was an amazing phenomenon, both PCs and cell phones open my website very fast when using WIFI in Australia. But as long as you are using cellular data in Australia (e.g. 4G or 5G network) the site is almost impossible to open, even the code 522 appears several times.I have confirmed with the server provider side that it is not their problem. If you turn off cloudflare’s CDN service the site opens normally on 4G or 5G networks.

I made the following attempt:
1:Cloudflare WARP
And when I try to open my site on WIFI after connecting with Cloudflare WARP, it still doesn’t open the site properly. Without Cloudflare WARP connection the website can be opened.

2:Open my website using cellular data from a cell phone in another country:
And I’ve asked my friends in the US, China, Malaysia, UK, and Germany to open my site very fast. I can also use 4G or 5G to open my website normally. But as soon as I use Australia’s cellular data (4G or 5G network) it won’t open.

3:The following service providers were tested separately using mobile data from different carriers.

Telstra (4G and 5G can’t open the website)
Optus (4G and 5G can’t open the website)
Vodafone (4G and 5G can’t open the website)

Has anyone else experienced the same problem?
My website is: https://www.professionaltranslation.com.au/
If you guys are in Australia you can also test if it opens normally with WIFI. But it won’t open using cellular network.

Thank you so much for seeing this and looking forward to your recovery.

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