If we use Shopify, do we still need Cloudflare Nameserver?

Here is the quick background. We had an IT guy who set up a Cloudflare account to run the Prestashop-based website and it was under a hosting company. Now we use Shopify to run our shop, and we use G Suite for emails etc. The IT guy left and I just don’t know what to do about it. Well, theoretically I don’t need Cloudflare anymore but Nameserver is with Cloudflare.

My questions:

  • If I remove the domain from Cloudflare, do I need to change the Nameserver on a registrar (GoDaddy), or no need to do anything?
  • I see that Cloudflare now has an integration with Shopify, but is there really a significant advantage in using this service?

It is strange but we started to get billed 50 USD a month this year and this is how I realized that the service is no longer free, and want to evaluate what to do.

Sorry about stupid questions but I really have no idea and just want to clean up the mess and things I don’t understand.

Thank you in advance!

Yes. This is the way to do it. I’m not sure how your bill is $50/month, as no plan costs that much. But check your account details for Billing->Subscriptions, and then cancel those services.

I believe this is Shopify using Cloudflare by default, so you won’t need your own Cloudflare plan.