If we turn on the proxy option for our domain we have a problem with rDNS

Hi we have been having trouble when sending emails because of rdns
when we turn on the proxy option in Cloudflare for the A record ,

This is from mail-tester.com
-1.274|RDNS_NONE|Delivered to internal network by a host with no rDNS

This may indicate you do not have a rDNS configured for your hostname or the rDNS does not match your sending IP

This is because the rdns lookup sees Cloudflare’s ip address and not our server ip address, which is configured for rdns and is sending the email

However, if we don’t turn on the proxy we’ve seen our website load time increase or am I wrong here?

what are the benefits of us the domain proxied

is there a workaround for this or a solution?

Without seeing the actual report, it’s difficult to diagnose because you shouldn’t be having this problem. Mail should be sending and receiving through a ‘mail’ subdomain that resolves to a non-Cloudflare IP address.

Hi sdayman

But if we make a mail subdomain account, then the email path would be different

for example my domain is www.uk.clothing

if i use the subdomain of mail then the emails would be [email protected]

unless I’m mistaken?

Not necessarily. Mail servers are tied to email addresses. So you can have a machine called ‘mail’, but it only processes mail for @example.com addresses. Your MX record for ‘example.com’ will point to the ‘mail’ machine, so mail for @example.com will route to that machine.

It’s the same way that Google/GMail can be your mail host.

But that needs to be a seperate machine with its own ip and cpanel, otherwise how can the mail subdomain be linked to the route domain

It does not need to be a different machine. The one you’re on just needs to recognize ‘mail’ as a valid hostname. Most hosting plans include this. Your host should be able to assist.

I’m trying to learn how to set up my on server, I don’t have hosting support, unfortunately.

here is a link to the report with

I am going to attach a copy of my records also, i’ll change the ip after I figure this out

This is a report if a make my domain DNS only

RDNS_NONE goes away when the domain is not proxied

this is the report if i proxy both the mail and the domain

The problem I feel happens when checking the domain to see if it’s pointing to the same IP address from where the mail is being sent from, but this would mean regardless of what change I make to the mx record my mail would not be sent from the proxy IP nor would the proxy IP have my rdns, so i problem would persist.

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