If we cannot get support in free plan do we need for a pro plan?


Hi everyone,
My name is: Hanlen.

i use cloudflare almost 2 months and i did not faced any issue until 3 days ago. i submit support ticket “Request #1655897” and until now there is no reply at all. i know guys you will say we only can help with advises and i already read many posts here and i admire you guys for your magnificent support. the problem is not with my issue i just wanna truly answer, i have headache for 3 days thinking why cloudflare show warning on my website says “Suspected phishing” because someone reported my website without evidence !!

this is my website: Removed

in this website i offering paid services such as recovering stolen accounts for users who got hacked on BIGO LIVE app, and they can’t or They do not know how to get in touch with support because different language or because whatever reason, so i helping them to recover their accounts for few dollars with their full consent.

also i says clearly in 2 pages in 2 different language of Privacy Policy that i am independent and i am not belong to the official company or operated by them. so anyone visit my website will know i am not working or operated by the official company.

i already serve almost 30,000 users in middle east most of them 95% i help them for free because they can’t paid for my services or they have no enough money to paid, i use my knowledge since 2004 to help people.

finally guys when you visit my website do you really see any suspect phishing? i want truly answer and i will accept what you say because one way or another that will help me to improve my self in future.

and the important question for cloudflare support if you treat free plan users like this without evidence do you think one day they will pay for a pro plan ?

Note: i already click on “review” in my dashboard for 5 times i think. and nothing happen no one review my website or give me 1 evidence.


Hi @Hanlen, I routed your ticket to the appropriate team. The community can’t see your account to help with your issue.


Thank you mr @cloonan for you help. I really appreciate it.

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